An Interview With Antonio Mendez

Perhaps getting qualified people is one of the biggest challenges employers face in the current world. Skilled workers are instrumental in assisting any firm to achieve its goals. The problem is more pronounced in small enterprises which do not have a lot of money to engage professional recruiting companies. Additionally, these firms are not known to many people, and hence even the qualified candidates can shy away from applying for positions in these firms. It is for these reasons that career fairs are among the best avenues for tapping the right talent.
Below is an interview with Antonio Mendez who has worked for quite some time in the finance department of a reputable firm. He gives some useful insights on why career fairs in colleges are the best.

Interviewer: Good morning. It is a pleasure meeting you. Kindly tell us more about yourself.
Antonio Mendez: Good morning. It is a pleasure to get an opportunity of engaging with you. My name is Antonio Mendez. I am a graduate of Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Currently, I work in a finance department of a reputable firm. Since when I left campus, I have only worked in finance departments. I have found it to be fascinating. My future lies in finance.
Interviewer: Thank you, sir, for the brief introduction. Kindly what is your take about recruitment?
Antonio: Well, with the changing times, companies also need to change. Gone are the days when firms advertised for positions and waited for people to apply. In the modern world, things have changed. Employers need to go out there and look for the best talents rather than waiting for them.
Interviewer: You seem to have some insights. Kindly share about these modern recruitment methods.
Antonio: For the duration I have been working, I have come to realize that career fairs are among the best avenues to attract and get the best talents. Many universities and colleges have career fairs where employers pitch tents and make themselves known to the young professionals. A good employer needs to use this chance to find out the best talents among them many students who visit his or her stand.
Interviewer: That is an eye-opener. Would you kindly share some of the benefits of using this method of recruitment and searching for new talents?
Antonio: Thank you so much. When you attend a career fair, you access a large pool of candidates. From these candidates, you can get the best person by conducting personal interviews. Many students will come with their resumes on this particular day. It is an excellent opportunity for you to go through them and select the best. In these job fairs, you will connect with a large number of candidates without having to spend a lot of time and money. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits is that you meet these candidates in person. You can select the best candidates from that pool which cuts down the time for interviews. Career fairs are also an excellent opportunity to get young workers who can bring new ideas to your firm.
Interviewer: Thank you so much for the insights.
Antonio: You are welcome.

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