Resume Red Flags

Resume Red Flags

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A few red flags on your resume could cause an HR manager to throw it in the trash, and you will find that you could more easily make your resume look great when you have invested some time in making it perfect. Look at these little things that make your resume look terrible. You can fix them up and get hired much faster.

1. Long Resumes

No one wants to read a resume that is more than a page. Putting extra information on another page makes it too hard to read, and a manager will skip it for a resume that they believe will be easier to read.

2. No Skills

You need to list every skill you have. However, you need to make certain that you have included everything you can do or can learn how to do. Give your potential employer many things to consider, and allow them to see that you can do things that other people cannot. If you can Google how to do something, it should go on your resume.

3. No References

You have to have a professional and a personal reference on the resume that they can call right then and there. Most people who check resumes will quickly move on to the phone call phase because they are ready to get to the interviews and get someone hired. They are trying to move faster, but they will stall if they have to wait for you to give them references in some other format. You can do them a big favor by showing them the references they need.

4. Work Gaps

You have to fill in your gaps with the things that you were doing. You should make it sound good, and you need to be sure that you have included the things that you know an employer would like to see. Add any community work you, and talk about all the little things you did in the interim. You are showing the manager that you are very active even if you did not have a full-time job when you made that gap in your resume.

5. Bad Fonts

Choose a font that is pretty, but be sure that it is easy to read. No one wants to read a font on Comic Sans, and they do not want to read a font that looks like cursive. The resume should look as professional as possible, but you do not have to use the most basic fonts. Be a little more creative so that the resume will stand out.

6. Conclusion

You are trying to show a hiring manager that you are someone worth hiring if you have sent in your resume. You must build a resume based on things that you know people want to see, and you must make sure that you have taken out all the gaps. Add skills that you know you can learn if you had to search them online, and leave references that make it easier for the manager to check up on you.