Big Risks In Human Resources – What Hasn’t Worked

Big Risks In Human Resources -
What Hasn't Worked

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Why Is The Human Resources Department Essential

The human resources department is responsible for putting together your staff members. In simple terms, they hire, recruit, and manage your employees. The HR department is a very important part of your business by performing other important responsibilities like office management and safety. Another important HR function is getting your employees paid and office morale. They’re also responsible for training your employees for each position at your company by defining the role that each hiree will assume under their work title. Your HR department is the heartbeat of your business and how it will function.

Human Resources Tasks That Don't Work

Poor Documentation

Written policy governs your employees job performance. If you don’t have it documented, it could create issues when you’re terminating an employee for poor job performance. You need proof to justify terminating an employee. Documentation of an event will give the employer reasonable cause. For example, document an employee that continually comes to work late for future reference.


The HR department handles many important office tasks that requires an organized office setting. Disorganization can effect many aspects of the office including human resource planning. All of your documents should be stored in an adequate filing system. If your office relys on technology software, you should always keep back up files in another system. Your office files should include the communications policy, code of conduct, safety manual, company benefits, employee standards, and termination rules.

Fraternizing With Employees

Getting to know your employees is very important. However, a HR manager should always maintain a curtain of professionalism to avoid employees becoming too relaxed. An employee may began to come in late, take longer breaks, or minimize their productivity by assuming an unprofessional work relationship with HR personnel. You should be a friend to your employees but keep professional boundaries at all times. Plus, you never want to have a visible closeness with one employee because it may indicate you’re playing favorites to others at the office.

Avoiding Training

A HR department that avoids training can create a hostile or unsafe work environment. Training your employees is a valuable asset to the future of your company. Training teaches your employees how to use their skills to benefit your company. Each employee has a fair opportunity to utilize their skills to meet the necessary job performance regulations set forth by the HR department.

Incomplete Employee Files

You should always complete your employee profile to meet compliance standards. You want your profile to include adequate information about their work history, salary, emergency contact details, and more.
Human resources is already a difficult department to manage. You should try to make as few mistakes as possible. This is just a small list of mistakes a HR department should avoid. There are many other things the human resources department can use to keep things organized and maintain functionality at the office everyday.