What is a Temp Agency?

what is a temp agency
You probably know that a temp agency, also known as a personnel service, is a place where unemployed people go to look for work. But, this isn’t the only purpose served by this type of agency.

Check out the details on what a temp agency is and who can benefit from using one.

What is a Temporary Employment Agency?

While what recruiters look for in a candidate varies by the industry, this specific type of agency connects unemployed people with short-term jobs. Someone who has been laid off from a job may use a temp agency while looking for permanent employment at another company. Or, a teacher who is off for the summer break may go to a personnel agency to find a job to last over those three months. Those are just two of the ways unemployed people use this type of service.

Alternatively, a temp agency may also be hired by a company or employer. The personnel service works on behalf of an employer to find qualified people to fill job positions. As an example, a tax preparation company may hire several dozen people during tax season. The company needs people to file documents, enter data, and complete other administrative tasks. The tax preparation company would hire a personnel service and provide a list of requirements and skills to look for in job candidates. The temp agency does the work of evaluating candidates and their skills in order to send the most capable individuals to the tax prep company.

Who Benefits from Using a Personnel Service?

An employer who works with a temp agency, such as Corporate Job Bank or Adecco, benefits in many ways. For one, the employer can leave the work of interviewing and testing potential job candidates to the personnel service. This frees up time for the employer to accomplish other types of work. Also, an employer gets a collection of skilled, qualified employees that have been thoroughly vetted by a trustworthy temp agency. The understanding is the job is short-term so the employees will leave the company after a specified period of time. All of the arrangements are made so the employer can continue to get work done with the help of qualified employees.

Job seekers also benefit from using a personnel agency. The agency works on behalf of a job seeker to find jobs he or she would be qualified for. A personnel service has connections to employers that a job seeker doesn’t have. Another way a job seeker benefits from going to a temp agency is a company may have a permanent position opening up. The short-term worker may want to apply for that permanent position at the company. Not surprisingly, a temporary worker may have a better chance at getting the job because the company is already familiar with the quality of the person’s work. That’s why it’s important for even a short-term worker to make the best impression possible!

As you see, a temp agency is able to fulfill the needs of both employers and job seekers. It also has some positive long-term benefits beyond a short-term job itself.

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