What Recruiters Look For

What Recruiters Look For

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By far my most common question from potential recruits is: what are you looking for in a candidate? The answer most definitely is – you! Upon reflection, of course, the answer is more detailed. Recruiters target highly qualified applicants that are desired in their career field. A good school, great certificates, and an impressive resume are key, of course, but there are other things recruiters look for as well.

A marketable profile

A good profile is your best ally in attracting a recruiter. After all, in order to recruit you, recruiters have to find you. LinkedIn is a great resource to attract recruiters, however, there are some basic steps to make your profile stand out amongst your peers. First, choose an appropriate picture. Second, update your connections and skillsets quarterly. Third, use networking to connect to other prominent members of your field. A great profile not only allows a recruiter to find you, but it will also allow them to market you to potential employers with greater ease, increasing job offers for you.

Unique, relevant certifications

Sure, your ideal job may only require a handful of certifications. However, going out of your way to pick up a few key specialized certifications will boost your prospects with recruiters. Recruiters often are searching for unique and hard to fill positions. In order to fill them, they’ll search for profiles with specialized certifications pertaining to that specific job. Your due diligence will pay off, specialized positions often pay well over generalized careers within the same field.

A Professional resume that stands out

The very first thing most recruiters will see is your resume. Make sure yours stands out against your peers. Utilize resume services that will help format, proof-read, or even write your resume, so that it is both clean and professional. Recruiters can look at a hundred profiles and resumes a day, make sure you’re putting your best foot forward right from the start.

A pleasant personality

Your job is all about skill, to get that job, however, confidence and likeability are key. Quite simply, pleasant, social, and confident interviewers receive more job offers. After all, everyone likes a pleasant co-worker. More workers are moving into technology careers, which means competition is increasing. Don’t lower your odds of getting a great job by leaving your manners at the door. If you think you need to brush up on your soft skills, enlist the help of friends or even professionals to help.

A motivated recruit

Perhaps the most desirable characteristic is a strong motivation for work. No recruiter wants to waste time with a client that lacks motivation or drive. Recruiters work to place you into exclusive jobs with the best pay – it is how they make their money. If you frequently turn down job offers, its frustrating for the companies extending offers, and for your recruiter. Of course, we all want to see what’s out there for opportunities, just make sure you communicate with your recruiter what your requirements are.
In the end, recruiters are looking for people just like you. Highly qualified, trained professionals, who market well to the companies they work with. Not sure you fit the bill? Take the first step, contact a recruiter requesting their service. If they’re not able to take you on, they may be able to recommend another recruiter who can.